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Insurance Underwriting is a practice by which insurance firms or companies resolve and evaluate the potential risks of potential clients.. When a customer applies for an insurance policy, insurers perform a thorough check on the customer information. Post evaluation the insurance company proposes a favorable coverage.


We, AWPL as a leading software solution company offer varied solutions to our clients from the banking, insurance and financial services sector. AWPL has worked extensively with insurance companies and understands the processes that are performed on the operations side of insurance. Our insurance underwriting software helps the insurance companies reduce the time taken for evaluationand overall underwritring thus improving internal process efficiency and reducing turn-around time.

Earning new business and generating more new policies is the major driving factor for an insurance industry. Insurers face challengeswhen they have to deal with the new business applications, while taking decisions on which clients they can service and which they cannot.  Decision making is critical as it can make or break the revenue generation and profits of the company.

The insurance underwriting software developed by AWPL provides the best solution to decrease the business pressure and to make quick business decisions with minial errors and eliminating human interference by automating all front and back office processes.We provide insurance underwriting software which enables the insurers capture policy applications, process the same with easy automated underwriting and generate policies.

At AWPL, we develop insurance underwriting software to streamline the insurance underwriting process. Our product uses technologythat  provides workflow and document management capabilities along with your business rules to compose underwriting rules, thus automatingthe underwriting process. AWPL’s insurance underwriting software drastically reduces the cost of underwriting. The major benefits of our software approach are that it eradicates human errors and also the duplicity of information. It improves the decision of the underwriters to process a case much faster. We also deliver smart process applications, insurance software solutions and claims management software for the improvement of your insurance business.


For further inquires and details about the Insurance Underwriting Software contact us atsalesinfo@awpl.coand marcom@awpl.co.

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