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AWPL provides complete front office and back office trade finance solutions through the trade finance software. Banks benefit majorly from the automation of their core processes such as customer account opening, loans etc. Trade Finance departments of banks, too can benefit largely though automation.


AWPL’s trade finance software caters to the various sub-segments of trade financing such as Import and Export Letter of Credits,  Bill of Collections etc. The trade finance software provides document management, process efficiency and business visibility to the overall operations of the department.

The emergence of trade finance software and the related solutions has helped banks easily adopt to technology wihle keeping intact their current business model.  Trade finance involves complex business processing and is exposed to high risk of human errors. Automation with workflows and business rules through trade finance software helps eliminate these disrupting factors.

AWPL’s trade finance software is a completely configurable application to suit your business needs. It minimizes the time for transaction thus improving customer satisfaction.

AWPL provides trade finance software in two flavours. One, as cross-enterprise solutions and the other as a smart process applications which caters to a key focus department.


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