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Every business has its demands. Right from processes and rules to its people and most importantly its customers, each has a role to play in how the entire ecology of the business works. Technology can be used to bridge the gap between supply and quality of service through products that fit this dynamic growth model of businesses. Banking, Insurance and Financial Services sector is the industry that is most influenced by operational changes due to an increasing customer base, need to comply with regulations, wide spread geographies and the growing need to serve with quality on priority.

With this volatile environment, it becomes essential to place significance on the finer operational challenges that affect the big picture. This could mean something as trivial as managing physical documents between the various departments of an organization or business processes that rely heavily on the accuracy of information gained manually, which can be highly error prone and the ad-hoc nature of the operational processes which render faulty business outcomes. All this can tarnish customer experience. AWPL helps enterprises struggling with such challenges by empowering them with technology that accurately captures, intelligently processes and perfectly analyzes information at every stage after a customer approaches the business, so everyhing that matters is taken care of!
AWPL’s products are designed to effectively capture business critical information, manage customer cases, increase operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience.
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ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS AND NICHE PRODUCTSWe know that every enterprise has different technology requirements. And, with that in mind, AWPL has two suites of products which cater to both large and small businesses looking at business automation.


A comprehensive suite of products to digitize, automate and manage  enterprises. With a history of over 16 years, Dotsphere is carved to fit the  Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Sector


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Smart Pencils are readily available for each industry area, to have you up and running with process automation, document management, dashboards, reports and analytics

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