Smart Process Applications that deliver the transformational impact of enterprise solutions in a record time. Bring to your business technology that is built to revolutionize specific core segments of your enterprise. Boost productivity and performance with the new-age smart process applications that have changed the way technology is normally implemented.

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Smart Process Applications with years of experience packaged to revolutionize your business

Fast technology implementation that fits your business so you can quickly reach out to your customers

Simple and easy user experience that captures industry best practices to transform your operations

A Legacy In Every Pencil

Power-packed, smart process applications don’t get developed overnight. Pencil is a revolution in the technology industry.

Pencil comes to you from the makers of Dotsphere, a case management solution suite, that has for over 15 years enriched businesses with best practice document management, process performance and business efficiency.

The Dotsphere Suite is industry recognized by Gartner in its Hype Cycle for BPM, 2013 and Hype Cycle for Content Management, 2013. It is developed by AWPL, who is named as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2013 and featured as an emerging technology vendor for Case Management Frameworks.

Few Beneficiaries of Our Legacy

Because taking control of your enterprise need not be rocket science!

Go live in 5 to 8 weeks

Pencil shows traditional implementation what speed really is. Each Pencil comes with power-packed business modules that are readily available to install. Once you select the Pencil you want, your fully-automated business segment is only about 8 weeks away – It’s as easy as plug and play!

Pre-built Next Practices

Pencil comes with a legacy that you can make your own. Pencil is developed by the pioneers in case management which makes it the only smart process application that comes with built-in best practices that you can harvest for your business.

Unpack and Use

All the software components packaged in a virtual machine and ready to use. Just open the box and let magic happen.

System Talk

Pencil is built to easily fit in and sync with your existing systems. With a tad bit of integration from our developers you will be up and running with your business in less time than you can imagine!

Multichannel Document Intake

Banish your fears of managing different types of documents forever. Pencil supports manual (paper) as well as electronic document submission. Now, your enterprise can be more customer-friendly and digitized, without the hassle of having huge physical storage space!

Smart Task Distribution

Let Pencil handle mundane tasks like workload balancing and distribution for your work force, while you focus on what really matters. Pencil routes tasks to your workers based on pre-defined logic that you get to decide. What’s more? You can adjust the factors to enable smart distribution of tasks so that your business always operates at optimal best.

Customer Correspondence Management

Never let a notification to your customer slip ever again! Pencil gives your employees templates and tools through which they can correspond with your customers regularly ensuring each client is well informed of everything happening with his or her case.

Business Visibility

It’s time to stop raking up files and reports just to get a peek into how your business is performing. Pencil comes with unique tools that bring to your screen all aspects of your business that influence its performance. Different types of users of Pencil get to see different metrics that matter specifically to them depending on skill level and designation.

Unified Case View

Pencil will make you forget your old ways of working. Now you can view all information about a customer right on one screen. Not just that, every action that you can perform on a customer case is available on the same screen, too! No more page flipping and no more screen flipping. How easy is that?

About Us

Pencil is revolutionary new way to address challenges faced by various departments in Insurance companies in Banks. Pencil is brand owned by AWPL which has been a  pioneer in this business for more than 15 years. All the knowledge about these industries has been packed in every Pencil, starting from best practices, business rules, user experience, data models and implementation methods.

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