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Smart Process Applications to suit your business workflows

Managing your business processes has never been so easier; use AWPL’s NB Pencil to manage your New Business processes  and manage customer cases with ease and thereby  keeping your customers happy. If you are in the life insurance business and planning to implement a automation software to optimise workflow, but are worried about long implementation cycles, huge investment cost and you are unsure as to which processes to automate and which ones to handle by your staff, then relax as Pencil is the right choice for you.

We at AWPL have anticipated your business needs and understood the industry requirements  and  our experts have come up with Pencil – a business workflow application. This application is developed post a vast research and our work is recognized by many specialists in the industry.

Why AWPL’s Pencil?

  • Built with an experience that is rapidly enhancing since 1996
  • Rich BPM platform
  • Document Management Capabilities
  • Built by pioneers in Case Management solutions
  • Recognized by specialists and industry analysts

Implement AWPL’s New Business workflow applications to get your business roaring

Smart, quick and simple – our smart business workflow applications are just that!

Some of the advantages that you get by choosing Pencil:

  • Pre built software
  • Go live in 8 weeks
  • Quick set up
  • Plug and Play features
  • Management of documents, workflows and work force
  • Quality assessment
  • Business Process Management
  • Case tracking
  • Audits

Pencil allows a plethora of features and makes your processes smoother, more efficient and the human intervention required is minimal here. Case tracking is done via 3 basic components that are integrated into Pencil – Case Interface, Case Components and the Case Server. The Case interface handles case capture, processing, tracking and analytics and is exposed to the staff, while the case components form the middle level. They contain the events, rules, task routing, case definition, UI composition, roles and organisation structure and also process related data, case data and collaboration. The Case servers contain the Case API, Case Adapters, ECM and BPM federation and other such components.

Pencil serves to optimise your New Business processes and optimise costs and overheads. The solution minimises manual intervention and your staff can focus on liaising with customers and core business activities. It also serves to keep your customers happy as the TAT are very good, escalations  when SLA is breached and so on. Why wait then?


Get in touch with us to see as to how Pencil can help your business!

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