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Underwriting in general refers to the practice or processes that are followed by a financial service provider in order to  on-board new customers after evaluating their potential risks. The new Business and underwriting wing of any insurance company is the key revenue generating arm. Hence, it is critical to have efficient processes in place to deliver optimal business results in this key department.

Based on the business model of the insurance company, AWPL offers the new business underwriting software that transforms the contemporary business operations. AWPL’s insurance offerings come in two flavours. One, as an enterprise solution that works across departments and the other as smart process applications that target key departments such as the new business and underwriting department.

AWPL’s solution reduces the case processing time for underwriters working on the customer cases and routine tasks. With this new business underwriting software, your business benefits through document management, processing capabilities and business visibility through pre-built templates that are adjusted to suit your business thus providing optimal outcomes.

AWPL’s new business underwriting software is designed according to certain principles that make the underwriting process automated. Costs to maintain physical documents and that of processing cases are drastically dropped using the new business underwriting software.   The new business underwriting software comes with easy to understand user interface that helps an underwriter make quick decisions by viewing all necessary customer information in one screen and without having to toss and flip paper documents. Also, communication between your business and the customer becomes a lot easier with easy correspondence features that allow the customer to be continuously updated about the status of his application.

For over 16 years, AWPL has serviced number of clients in the banking, insurance and financial services sector. . We offer enterprise applications like insurance software solutionsbanking software solutions  and smart process applications.


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