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Loan underwriting refers to the detailed analysis of credits and information related to the process of granting the loan. The loan underwriting process includes the verification, evaluation of financial information provided by the person applying for loan and reference of other income statements. At AWPL, we offer solutions that are needed for the functioning core processing departments of organizations in the banking, insurance and financial services sector.

AWPL offers loan underwriting software to manage the front and back office processing needs of banks and other financial institutions that provide loans/mortgage options to customer. The Loan Underwriting Software can be purchased independently or along with AWPL’s Loan Origination Software for a complete loans processing enterprise solution.

The Loans underwriting software automates the front office by enabling capture of customer information that is required for case processing. Further the loan underwriting software processes this information using business rules (as required by your business), takes care of regulatory compliance and delivers optimal financial analysis to take decision on a customer case to whom a loan is to be sanctioned.

AWPL’s loan underwriting software makes quick and meticulous updates thus  reducing manual the work of underwriters and saves time. With the AWPL product for loan underwriting, enterprises can effectively increase the productivity of the underwriting team through the best practices imbibded into the loans underwriting software. With dynamic guidance for the business based factors such as credit risk, kyc etc., AWPL’s loan underwriting software helps decision making on the fly an easy task, drops turn-around time and helps boost customer satisfaction.

Apart from the loans solutions, AWPL offers banking software solutions such as account opening software and insurance software solutions for insurers.


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