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Loan Origination System is a technique by which a borrower applies for a new loan and a bank or a lender processes that application. Generally, origination includes steps from taking a loan to distribution of credit. Our Loan Origination Software provides banks banking complete front and back office processing functionality. These include document imaging, underwriting, secondary marketing, etc. Our Loan Origination Software supports both offline and online processing. With a case management backing, our Loan Origination Software considerable reduces loan processing time for banks.


AWPL’s Loan Origination Software doesn’t make you change the approach of your business. It only eases up and adds speed to your current business model. This, by automation and elimination of human errors. Our Loan Origination System Software easily integrates with your existing systems such as credit risk, KYC engines and credit card units. This increases operational performance of the origination process. The turn-around time drastically decreases while keeping a tab on regulatory compliance. The Loan Origination System software allows different users different views and analytics providing better managerial consent. While tasks are distributed based on skill levels of employees more cases get processes in lesser time as compared to conventional business models. AWPL’s origination software is designed to be robust and to produce cost-effective business results throughout the loan origination and dispensing phase.

Typically borrowers hope to obtain loan options, sanctions and authentication in minutes as opposed to days by not losing the treasured time in the process of origination. Our Loan Origination Software lets your business operate its loans department with minimal resources by making the workflow automated, storing documents and harmonizing paper-free processing. AWPL has developed a Loan Origination System Software that helps banks, credit unions and other originators of any size reduce costs, increase revenues and widen the maximum return on the investments made on technologies. Our other products include smart process applicationsinsurance software solutions and claims management software.


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