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The company is one of the leading brands that provide safe and secure cash management solutions and services to central and commercial banks. They also provide end-to-end solutions, designed uniquely for different businesses.
The company started its journey three decades back. It has now partnered with some of the leading businesses and banks, throughout South Africa, Europe and a few countries in Africa, as well.
The largest part of their service offering includes security, committed services and SLA (Service Level Agreement) for cash assets management.


  • The company receives order through various channels and one of it is BankServ.
  • A large portion of exchanging information and controlling of the order transactions takes place through various files.
  • The company uses IBM Sterling Connect Direct that enables receiving files in a controlled manner. It directly integrates with ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) layer-IIB.


  • The customer wanted a solution that boasts the capability of transforming the requests in the fail-safe and zero data loss environment while moving towards SOA environment.
  • Adapting to SOA along with ESB framework’s inherent functional capability like data transformation and ease integration.
  • The company also wanted a core system that could enable them to build quick enterprise solution, which is ready for the market.
  • The company is currently busy in exposing various service interfaces through DataPower gateway for enhanced and improved services to its client demands.


AWPL became the chosen technology consultant and partner for the customer in their journey of technology transformation.


AWPL has become partners with the customer; wherein we build technology and enterprise architecture roadmap along with the core team.
While AWPL builds the solution around ESB and BPM, we also are the key knowledge enablers within the organisation.


AWPL facilitated the customer with several business benefits like:
  • Time to value – Quick adaptation to SOA framework for delivering new requirement in continuous fashion, thus enabling customer to build solutions faster through reusable component.
  • Faster response to the change and expanding scope.
  • A solution with higher business operational visibility and tracking.
  • A better customer service facilitated with timely SLAs and various interfaces like query management system, reconciling system, settlement system and services ad security framework around data bank.
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