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KYC Know Your Customer process has been around for long and it is being enforced as a regulatory compliance across finance sectors and various industries to make transactions fool proof and nip fraudulent activities in the bud. The entire process of implementing KYC know your customer is tedious, error prone, time consuming and a waste of resources to go over this manually.

What if you had a software suite to ensure that every single step in the process is automated and you are compliant with all the regulatory requirements of KYC? AWPL’s KYC software can do wonders for you within very less time and minimal overhead. AWPL’s KYC know your customer solution is a whole package designed to transform the way you capture and handle your customer. Its solution capabilities reduce time and applied cost, and increase operational efficiency of your business processes. KYCs imaging and workflow requirements are adapted from AWPL’s exceptional product range of Dotsphere Capture and Dotsphere Case Manager.

What KYC know your customer Software can do for you?

  • Capture and Manage documents
  • Document management
  • Case Management and reporting
  • Routing Workflow

How does it work?

Our KYC – Know Your Customer Software works the following way:

  • Search for relevant KYC documents
  • Scans physical documents received
  • Capturing the required information
  • Notify customer if any further documents are required
  • Checking for compliance and auditing
  • Generating reports

For every user, the documents based on the regulatory requirements in the appropriate jurisdiction (country based) are searched for in the database. Once the documents are found, they are scanned for the required information and once the required information is captured, the documents are linked. If not, the pending details are recorded and this is used during report generation to check for compliance.

Additional features

  • Minimal Overheads
  • Speedy on-boarding time ~ 30 days
  • Single and Intuitive User Interface
  • Extensibility – Can be extended to work with full blown business process management and other solutions.
  • Classification and Management of Documents
  • Comes Pre loaded with industry specific document taxonomy and metadata
  • Option for Centralised Scanning for Bulk Documents

Team up with us to ensure that KYC compliance is meted out in your business operations and rest easy!

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