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The insurance industry is stepping into the next decade of growth. The growth rates of insurance industry are staggering at a rate of 15-20% annually. The growth rates vary based on geophysical locales of operation. With the ever changing market conditions and the endeavor to be one step ahead of your adversaries, you need insurance process software solutions to help get you there. It is obligatory of insurance software companies to invent innovative ways to support your growth and at the same time check on operational costs to assure sustained profitability.

AWPL’s radical insurance software solutions entrust companies to automate and regulate back office as well as customer service business lines. At AWPL, we have extensive experience in transforming organizations of diverse magnitude through consulting methods, domain expertise and award winning products. Our solutions comfort you to extend the efficiencies of the existing systems and to produce improved processes. AWPL, being one amongst the premier insurance software companies, caters to a wide range of insurance business processes, in terms of both depth and coverage. The insurance solutions are forged to meet the needs of the insurance industry and these insurance software products are built to meet the unique needs of each insurance marketplace.

Our flexible array of insurance software solutions is committed to support the needs of the customers. Our next generation Insurance process applications products provide an entirely integrated, complete, end-to-end insurance administration platform which configures to your unified business needs. The prime adage of insurance software companies is to deliver everything the clients need to efficiently transact business without any compromise. AWPL provides you with the most innovative yet convenient insurance process solutions which support the present as well as the future needs.

Life Insurance has gained popularity. With more and more people opting for life insurance policies, companies providing them face the challenge of staying up to date with all the information from various customers. AWPL’s Insurance Solutions provide the following processes to ease the business of life insurance – from customer data entry to policy servicing and beyond!

New Business and Underwriting – Creation of a new customer profile and information verification of customer data to validate if he or she can be granted the insurance policy

Claims Management – Collection, updation and validation of documents upon insurer’s death and processing payments to the beneficiary

Policy Servicing – Recording any changes in information related to customers insured with the company, such as address change etc.

Agent Management – Tracking information of all agents who assist the insurance company with sales of policies

The diversity of general insurance itself provides insurance firms with challenges larger than simply making policies available to customers. Ranging from property, casualty to auto insurance, general insurance encompasses processes and data that can be very complex. Mainting such information is of prime importance, and that’s where AWPL’s Insurance solutions can help. Our expertize in the Business Process Management (BPM) arena has brought to the Insurance sector various processes that have been tried and tested with time.

New Business and Underwriting – The first and foremost step in insurance policy making is fully automated. We capture all required information and validate the same to see if the policy is worth considering.

Claims Management – Here, you process various claims based on the documents recieved from the customer after verification of the genuinity of the claim.

Policy Servicing – Updating changes in information of a customer is made easier with this process.

Agent Mangement – This process allows you to keep track of various agents who sell your company’s general insurance policies.

Group Insurance, as compared to any other type of insurance, requires a different processing approach. With more people involed, common premiums and many factors governing the way policies are rolled out, it is but a challenge to keep all information available at the policy-makers’ fingertips. AWPL’s domain expertize in insurance has brought to the table some processes that will facilitate smooth flow of work for organizations dealing with group insurance.

New Business and Underwriting – Capturing all the information required for the group insurance to be processed and validation of the same.

Claims Management – Allowing for an insured customer from the group to procure payments based on the terms and conditions on which the group insurance was sanctioned.

Policy Servicing – Taking stock of changes in information of various customers insured under the group policy and updation of the same in the system, such as address changes etc.

Agent Management – This process allows you to keep track of various agents who sell your company’s group insurance policies.

Health Care is the most basic form of insurance required regardless of age, race, skill or gender. According to recent surveys, Health Insurance companies face major challenges with rising health care cost, inadequate coverage and misselling at the agency level. AWPL has been instrumental in implementing various insurance solutions that allow for insurance companies to sell, manage and administer health insurance policies bought by various customers. AWPL’s expertize in the area offers the following processes to the health insurance industry.

New Business and Underwriting – Capturing information from various sources, paper or online, into the processing system and validation of the same to determine if the person can be covered with the company’s available health insurance schemes.

Claims Management – Allowing an insured customer to request for his payment after verification of documents procured for the insurance amount claim.

Policy Servicing – Updation of changes in information pertaining to the customers insured under the company’s insurance policies.

Agent Management – This process helps keep track of all the agents who market and sell the company’s insurance policies.

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