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Case Management is a procedure or technique that is often used in the industrial sectors and other business enterprises to get better outcomes and solutions using optimized case-based framework. As industry analysts state, Open source Case Management software involves highly structured, but also collaborative, dynamic, and information-intensive process driven by outside events (such as customer requests) and requires incremental and progressive responses from the business domain handling the case. Examples of case folders include a patient record, a lawsuit, an insurance claim, or a contract, and the case folder would include all the documents, data, collaboration artefacts, policies, rules, analytics, and other information needed to process and manage the case.

At AWPL, we are tuned to the concept of providing businesses with the ability to view customer cases through a 360 degree approach. This in effect delivers case management as a framework over which business processes are automated. Through a combination of case management and business process management, enterprises can leverage the benefit of technology to reach their business goals. AWPl’s case management software and case management framework has been recognized by industry analysts (link to Gartner page in recognition on website) to be among the emergent solutions in delivering best case management software . AWPL’s case management solutions gives control and insight that are needed to resolve cases effectively.

8669121231_e378eb9534_oDotsphere Case Manager is a case management software introduced by AWPL that provides exceptional customer case handling abilities to financial enterprises. Dotsphere Case Manager by AWPL makes easy and quick implementation of business processes and content management in enterprises. Dotsphere Case Manager is the best case management software in the industry that transforms front and back office operational processes for key business units in banking, insurance and financial services sectors.


Some key features of Dotsphere Case Manager include:

  1. Ease of use by employees of an enterprise via a user-friendly interface
  2. Easily integrates with existing software or systems that a business may already be using
  3. Quick and efficient document capture and management
  4. Support for ad-hoc and unpredictable processes
  5. High levels of flexibility to alter business processes based on regulatory needs or changing business goals
  6. Automatic distribution of tasks to various users based on their skill level
  7. Easy monitoring of tasks by senior level employees
  8. Effective correspondence generation with customers to keep them up to date about the status of their request

Dotsphere Case Manager offers the standard operating procedures and and process templates that enterprises can change to suit their needs. Dotsphere Case manager is the best case management software that helps enterprises with structured data and analytics that are required to make business decisions.

Among other offerings, AWPL also provides enterprise wide solutions and smart process applications that help streamline organizations wanting to adopt to workflow management software.

AWPL’s Open source Case Management software extensive experience in catering to the technology needs of the financial services sector has enabled us to develop best case management software such as claims management software, underwriting software, account opening software, loans software etc that deliver revolutionary transformation for enterprises


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