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In today’s work environment, going the paperless route has significant cost and efficiency advantages over the more cumbersome paper route. Dotsphere Capture answers the key issue of converting paper documents into images and stores them into a content repository with appropriate indexing that enables users to search and view documents seamlessly.

Dotsphere Capture is a production level document capture system. It is built to provide an economical and effective solution to the document capture needs of medium to large-scale organizations.
Dotsphere Capture comes with the following features:

  • ecm-compliance-revisionssichere-archivierungLarge volume document capture that involves:
    • Scanning and image cleanup
    • Quality checking
    • Indexing and Index verification
    • Release to a production imaging system
  • Additional modules like OCR, ICR, Format conversion, Branch Scanning, Work distribution and Load Balancing.
  • Available in both desktop and web interface versions
  • Allows for both Centralized or Decentralized document storage, facilitating multi branch document access and management

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