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Looking for a cloud based document capture solution that addresses diverse geographical spread and contains investment to a bare minimum? Look no further. AWPL’s Document Capture on the Cloud will give you this and more. Our expertize in document capture, storage and management, now available on the cloud, allows for flexibility of use. Harness the power of this break-through cloud-based product that come packed with the following features:

The formative step of any Enterprise Content Management system is where an organizations data and documents are captured. Our document capture solution allows you to store, index documents and manage information with ease. Outlined below are its significant features:

  • Web Scanning
  • Desktop Scanning
  • Quality Check
  • Indexing
  • Guided Data Entry
  • Index Verification
  • Batch Management
  • Release to ECM
From document capture to document management, we’ve got solutions to keep your customer’s information available at your fingertips. Our Integration system allows for release of scanned documents into one of the many available Enterprise Content Management systems.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Integrate with Multiple OCR Engines
  • Release to IBM/FileNet CM
  • Release to Documentum
  • Release to OpenText ECM
  • Release to MS Sharepoint
  • Release to Alfresco
  • Custom Release to any ECM
Our Document Capture on the cloud comes with additional add-on modules that enable to you take document management to another level. Here are some add-on modules that we offer:

  • OCR Engine
  • PDF Generator
  • Full Page OCR
  • Audit and Reporting
  • Branch Module
  • Custom ECM Engine
  • Custom Workflow Engine
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