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Credit management is an important business function in financial institutions whether they are a small institution or a large institution spread across geographies. Credit workflow solutions facilitate automation of the process flows relating to credit data and decisions associated with them. Automation of these processes ensure that there is no delay in implementing important credit decisions without any sort of manual intervention. This is especially important for banks as they are dependent on the revenue generated from loans, to keep their business functioning. AWPL’s Mortgage (Credit Workflow) Pencil for Retail Banking is an ideal choice to manage credit workflows and can do wonders in terms of meeting SLAs and expediting the credit process as a whole.

What Credit Workflow Solutions can do for you?

  • Manage Customer Cases
  • Generate More Business
  • Keep your customers happy

With our credit workflow solution, you can handle the following with ease:

  • Workflow and Document Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Smart Task Distribution and Business Analytics
  • Customer Correspondence Management
  • 720 Degree Case View
  • Milestone Communication and Quality Assessment
  • Rich process visibility

Pencil is an out of the box software application that can be readily deployed within 8 weeks, quick to learn and is built by experts. It is easy to integrate with business applications, provides case history, maintains a knowledge repository, supports a variety of credit related services and offers a variety of domain related plug-ins such as credit score, risk assessment and credit rating tools. 

The Pencil Architecture

The Presentation layer, business services layer, API layer and the infrastructure layer form the various levels of Pencil’s architecture. The presentation layer handles the task distribution, standard and advanced client, case tracking and analytics. The business service layer handles config management, process initiation, ECM connectors and frameworks to handle interfacing with other layers. The API layer is a pure java based layer while the infrastructure layer has the Database,   processes, content and other Line of Business systems.

The Workflow Built-in

Loan applications received from the internet or branches or through Agents, are directly forwarded to the central/regional loan processing centres. When it is received at the front desk / branch, all the required documents are collected, scanned, indexed and these go through validation checks and quality checks. Some of the cases are followed up with the customers for further information or doubt clarification. Post all this, the application is forwarded to the loan processing centres where further enrichment and compliance checks are handled. A credit score is obtained and risk analysis is done to check if the customer can be given a loan. Post this the loan sanctioning department  takes over and documentation work is started; core systems are updated automatically in due course and the communication with the customer is initiated. The entire process is audited without any user intervention.


Get your Pencil right away and automate your credit processes with our credit workflow solution to prevent human errors and customer satisfaction levels!

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