“Jump-start your initiative towards business process excellence with AWPL’s repertoire of consulting services. We have the experts to guide you through step-wise transformation processes, with our proven methodologies, that give your organization everything required to move in the right direction. Besides, our consulting concepts evolve out of years of dwelling in the industry – knowing it inside out! Here’s a peek into what we offer.”

Business Velocity

We believe that the success of a financial institution, or perhaps any other, is largely dependant on customer satisfaction and of course, profit. For this, we at AWPL enable institutions with what we term as Business Velocity.
AWPL has, over the years, delivered Business Process Excellence. The mantra for process excellence is to automate parts of the business process, and make human decision making consistent and dynamic, based on day to day business realities. In our understanding, process excellence for financial services is a cost effective, timely and accurate processing of a service request with high customer satisfaction.

Business Velocity for financial institutions is determined by customer satisfaction and profitability within a specific period of time. Strategies are usually developed to address one of these at any time. However, the very nature of business requires co-ordination between customer satisfaction and profitability. And that is when we enter!
In a world where products and services are constantly evolving, AWPL believes Business Velocity will be the factor that will catapult financial businesses towards exceptional achievement. It drives progression of efficiency within an organization. Through the concept of Business Velocity, AWPL is enabling the Banking, Insurance and Financial service providers to translate business strategies into a swift win. Not to mention, we provide a sustainable model with continual improvements so that you’re never far behind.
Customer Centricity

We at AWPL believe that high customer centricity is a basic requisite of any financial service provider. This, simply due to sensitivity of people towards financial matters. Attractive financial products are only the beginning. The smart customer now has the power to enable his overall experience with a financial institution. AWPL provides financial institutions the technology to map customer interaction at various points in the business cycle. This allows one to understand and adopt new methodologies to achieve higher customer satisfaction.
Business Centricity
While customer centricity is important the balance needs to be achieved with business metrics. Growth at constant cost, cost containment in operations and providing multiple execution models (centralized, decentralized, hybrid) for operations are all necessary. For any financial service provider, minimizing operating cost is of prime importance so that the benefits can be shared with customers and shareholders. Besides this, effective structuring of operations in turn pumps up sales and visibility. Unlike long term decision making using business intelligence tools, AWPL’s consulting reveals to you effective dashboards and operations monitoring that provide real time opportunities to capture sales.
We believe that no task is complete without a plan. And hence, with aid from our expert consulting panel, we’ve devised consulting methodologies that out-perform the normal – Always!

Discovery and Diligence Designing well-structured prototypes to visualize the end-state of large Business and IT transformations

Futurity Structured approach to evolve future-state process models and specifications that deliver optimized business outcomes

Business Velocity Indicators Selection of relevant metrics and measures for the future-state operating model

Continual Improvement Iterative improvement of business processes to deliver core business capabilities

BPM Enablement & On-boarding Orientation of key members of an organization to BPM concepts and capabilities before process redesign and automation

Technology Heat Map Driving Business and IT alignment through assesment of technology architecture and functionalities

Centre of Excellence Establishing a governing, special interest group that has a direct stake on the business goals to drive business transformation
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