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AWPL’s Cloud Applications is a unique and inventive insurance software which is designed for Commercial and Personal Line Insurance which is presented on cloud. In response to an increase in catastrophic events and decrease in underwriting profits, insurers have been forced to follow alternative approaches to the conventional, tedious and costly formation of IT framework and software. Our insurance software on Cloud Applications is available on pay-per use or on a rental basis that allow for flexibility of use. Insurance policy servicing software has emerged as a leading choice for many insurance, banking and finance industries.

Benefits of Insurance Software on Cloud

The first and foremost benefit of the insurance software on cloud is that, it can be implemented without a large investment in professional fees or hardware related costs which the conventional method typically required. Insurance software on cloud is hosted on the clouds and requires no specific infrastructure to set up or servers to configure.

The insurance software on cloud makes it easier to implement and integrate the different modules easily with the existing systems. Using the software on cloud it is easy to incorporate online rating, third party data, documentation and analytics to the existing administration system.

Insurance policy servicing softwareeases the risk of introducing new products and removes the insecurity that failed products create. This software lets you respond to the changing market conditions and analytics to the existing policy without any additional IT costs. Thus, it lowers the implementation risk and greatly improves market agility and scalability.

With a one-time, zero capital investment to deploy the solution; this is the beginning of a new era in which the services are provided to the customers in such a dynamic manner. Pay for only what you use – this approach allows you select only those modules that may be required to change easily and add new modules to the existing one, when you may require them.

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With more and more people opting for life insurance policies, Insurance companies providing them face the challenge of staying up to date with all the information from various customers. Allowing for automated insurance processing systems to be available on the cloud if by far the best way to stay ahead of competition.

AWPL’s Cloud Applications for Insurance provide the following processes to ease the business of life insurance – from customer data entry to policy servicing and beyond!
New Business and Underwriting – Creation of a new customer profile and information verification of customer data to validate if he or she can be granted the insurance policy
Claims Management – Collection, updation and validation of documents upon insurer’s death and processing payments to the beneficiary
Policy Servicing – Recording any changes in information related to customers insured with the company such as address change etc.
Agent Management – Tracking information of all agents who assist the insurance company with sales of policies
All process in our Cloud services come with stringent risk and compliance modules to ensure complete security of information.
When it comes to automating General Insurance processes – we’ve been there, done that! Our expertize in the Business Process Management (BPM) arena has brought to the Insurance sector various processes that have been tried and tested with time. We’ve incorporated all of these into our Cloud Applications for Insurance which cater to the most primary processes of General Insurance.

New Business and Underwriting – Fully automated capture of all required information and validation of the same
Claims Management – Processing various claims based on the documents recieved from the customer after verification of the genuinity of the claim
Policy Servicing – Updating changes in information of a customer is made easier with this process
Agent Mangement – This process allows you to keep track of various agents who sell your company’s general insurance policies
All of these processes come tied with our secure and diligent risk and compliance module for impeccable security.
Keep business processing of Group Insurance simple with our low-investment Cloud Applications for Insurance institutions. More people only means more data and more work that needs to be dealt with from varied locations. Our Cloud applications make this task a breeze by combining all features of our Insurance solutions and making it available on the cloud.

AWPL’s domain expertize in insurance has brought to the table some processes that will facilitate smooth flow of work for organizations dealing with group insurance.
New Business and Underwriting – Capturing all the information required for the group insurance to be processed and validation of the same.
Claims Management – Allowing for an insured customer from the group to procure payments based on the terms and conditions on which the group insurance was sanctioned.
Policy Servicing – Taking stock of changes in information of various customers insured under the group policy and updation of the same in the system, such as address changes etc.
Agent Management – This process allows you to keep track of various agents who sell your company’s group insurance
Governance, risk and compliance modules enable for error-free, fool-proof transactions.
AWPL has been instrumental in implementing various insurance solutions that allow for insurance companies to sell, manage and administer health insurance policies bought by various customers. Our expertize in the area has allowed us to offer cloud services to the health insurance industry. With user-friendly interfaces, low-cost and ease of access, our Cloud Applications for Insurance come packed with mainstream business processes that any health insurance organization would require.

New Business and Underwriting – Capturing information from various sources, paper or online, into the processing system and validation of the same to determine if the person can be covered with the company’s available health insurance schemes.
Claims Management – Allowing an insured customer to request for his payment after verification of documents procured for the insurance amount claim.
Policy Servicing – Updation of changes in information pertaining to the customers insured under the company’s insurance policies.
Agent Management – This process helps keep track of all the agents who market and sell the company’s insurance policies
All of these processes are deployed with security compliance modules for risk-free processing of information.
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