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Claims Management is a key process where insurers refer customer information and their request for insurance claims to assess and analyze claims prior to sanction the insurance claim amount. The claims management software is an application that will assist the insurance companies to easily analyse claim workflow application, look up for fraud and deliver appropriate results to the customers. The claims software helps insurers in the reporting, managing incidents and policies enrolled with the insurer by delivering quick settlement to claims.

AWPL’s Claims management software helps insurers to deliver optimal claims processing. It helps with measuring key factors and performance indicators through document management and effective processes through the claims department to help employees easily assess cases and trigger quick claim settlement. AWPL’s claims management software provides claims workflow application for General Insurance companies. Starting from claims registration, assessment, investigation and settlement, AWPL’s claims management software delivers exceptional visibility to customer cases through continuous correspondence in case of any required documents. This claims software speeds up the claims settlement process based on claims workflow application maintained by the insurance companies.

Aside of claims management software, AWPL also offers the insurance industry new business and underwriting software and policy servicing software. Further AWPl also caters to banks with our reputed range of banking solutions apart from claims software.

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