“Who is in charge of the road you take? You or your job. Here at AWPL, we believe it is both.

Join the dream run to challenging goals. Be a part of our proactive, charged-up, enthusiastic workforce and put yourself ahead. Experience AWPL!”

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    Employees Say

    Good Work Culture, people and everything hats off !!! Iam enjoying my work here @ AWPL Bangalore. Best technology practices have been followed across organisation. AWPL has grown really well and its one of the best company to work for. One of the best thing about the people in the organisation are “THEY NEVER GIVE UP….SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE”.
    Ganesh Kumbhashi , Lead Product Engineer
    A good idea/initiative has always been encouraged by AWPL regardless of the employee’s role & experience. I have always felt an invisible bond among myself, my team & my managers which is unique for AWPL. Working with great managers like Samik had brought me back to AWPL.I am going to miss the feel of Family within an organization…for sure.
    Sathish Arvind, Support Manager - CP3
    I joined AWPL in April 2013 as a Technical Writer. Flexible timings, friendly working environment have made me to feel AWPL as my second home.

    In addition, opportunities to learn new things and sometimes the most challenging tasks keep inspiring me.

    Anitha Krishna Shetty, Senior Technical Writer
    Below are my points on AWPL work culture.
    1. Friendly environment to nurture your skills and present ideas.
    2. Easy to approach anybody irrespective of the designation they hold.
    3. Diligent and supportive people which creates a great teamwork environment.
    4. Easy to balance work with personal matters without conflict
    5. Work with people who are intelligent, fun and responsible
    6. Appreciated and allowed to take initiative.
    John Raju, Product Consultant
    “Best part of working with AWPL is the work culture which has great flexibility in terms of work timings(which is hard to find in this current IT Industry), new learnings in terms of technology/approach as new requirements keep coming up as part of product enhancement ,great motivation which triggers us to take that extra step to learn new things and improve our skills and above all,recognition.”
    P V Uthra, Senior Test Engineer
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