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“Trigger new opportunities and build new markets for your organization with AWPL PartnerPlay, AWPL’s Business Partnership Program. Join hands with AWPL and leverage the best in the world of Business Transformation. As partners, we define business strategies that bring a shared vision to step across the boundaries, bringing new success to each of us.”

The AWPL PartnerPlay Advantage

AWPL_Enterprise_systems_and_the_BPM_AffairHarness the power of this mutually constructive relationship with AWPL, by investing in a suite of solutions that are moulded out of years of understanding the intricacies of the Financial Services Industry. AWPL is closely involved with its partners, helping them to make decisions on the products and solutions they can pick from AWPL’s wide range of offerings. Apart from our products, AWPL partners take benefit of our solution support and technology services.

We have, from inception, developed and delivered solutions that cater to the finer operational challenges faced by the Insurance, Banking and Financial Services Sector. Our capability lies in transforming the way work is done through our strong technological frameworks on which our solutions are built. We are global players in the Case Management, ECM, BPM and BI space and deliver enterprise grade solutions that help customers re-invent their business.

The AWPL PartnerPlay Benefits

Leaders in Case Management

AWPL’s Case Management Platform has been built and nurtured for more than 10 yearswith more than 3500 active users of the system.Case Management, as a concept, transcends the traditional perception of business automation and workflow management by escalating core processes to an intellect driven work environment. In short, we’re here to ensure work gets done – Easily.

Superior Flexibility – The Case Management platform is built on a federated architecture, which allows Partners and Customers to leverage any engine of their choice underneath, thus providing a truly technology agnostic platform.

High on Scalability – The platform has been tested under heavy transactional volumes with more than 20,000 concurrent cases a day spead across 500 users, which speaks for its pedigree and scale.

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Apps focussed framework

AWPL’s platform has been built keeping in mind constantly changing business and technology demands. We encourage our partners to port their domain intelligence and business understanding on our platform in form of apps. We are seeing tremendous market shift in the way enterprise software is consumed. Some AWPL Apps are built to demonstrate the capability of the platform for a niche segment of the Financial Services Industry. The same can be levereaged by you to become the the next App millionaire.

Industry Focus

AWPL products are domain specific, in that, catering to the Financial Services Sector – an industry that is rich and evolving everyday. The challenges faced are umpteen, giving both AWPL and AWPL partners new opportunities to explore.

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