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Account opening is the front office process that enables customers to access the various services of a bank. In essence it is the first step towards initiating a relationship with a bank. With great progress in technology, banks are trying to make the accounting process simple.


AWPL’s banking solutions allows bank to adopt to both manual and online or web-based applications for account opening. This gives both banks and customers wider channels to initiate account opening. AWPL’s account opening software minimizes the risk factors related to opening accounts by incorporating document checks that are on par with regulatory compliance. This streamlines the process and services taking place at the front office and therefore helps quicker back office transactions. Customers can open accounts within minutes and engage in banking activities that the banks have to offer. With this account opening software, the banks obtain the customer’s information instantly and accurately and process the application successfully for opening an account.

In today;s day and age, account opening software needs to comprise the intelligence to differentiate fraud from genuine customers. AWPL’s account opening software is developed keeping in mind these stringent compliance factors such as Know-Your-Customer etc to help banks to easily ahere to government set norms. This, further, only facilitates better banking and higher customer satisfaction. AWPL is a noted and renowned software solution provider that has clients all over the world and has advanced business optimization applications for banking and financial organizations. AWPL also provides claims management software, smart process applications and insurance software solutions for insurers.

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