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We “Transform The Way Business Works.”
We Help Businesses Stay Ahead of Competition By Providing Smart Digital Solutions.

Customer Engagement

We Value Our Customer’s Customer Experience.

Impacting customer engagement

Enhancing Corporate Performance By Engaging With Customers In A More Digitized Manner.

Customer Acquisition

We Provide Digital Solutions To Acquire Customers

Making The Right Decisions

Helping You Digitize Your Entire Customer Acquisition Process & Bridge Legacy With Digital.

Customer Management

We Make It Easier To Manage Your Customer Portfolio

Helping You Manage Your Customer Data

We Can Facilitate You With Customer Management & Retention Solutions With A More Digitized Aspect.

We Assist Banks & Insurance Companies

  • That wish to digitize their paper-intensive environment and save on internal costs.
  • Who want to bridge the gap between their legacy and digital platform.
  • Who want to transform their business and processes by going complexly digital.
  • Who are deficient of data to prove the bottlenecks in daily processes or transactions.
  • Who rely on customer inputs including those on social media to optimize business processes.
  • Who wish to introduce more digital platforms to enhance their customer experience.
  • Who want to digitize their entire workflow structure.
  • That use a lot of paper for various tasks or to track processes.
  • Who wish to change the processes quickly, without hampering the technology.
  • Who want to decrease the time-to-market for their products and services.
  • Who rely on analytics to make decisions.
  • Who believe in computing on cloud.


Established 2 decades ago, we are specialists in providing Smart Business Process Automation & Optimization platforms. We design valuable experiences for Insurance, Banking and financial service sectors in the global market who have a digital first mindset. We assist businesses with one-stop, centrally managed, digital solutions so that businesses can multiply their revenue and focus on providing better customer experience.

We Innovate Through Technology

Since our inception in 1996, we have been passionately offering innovative enterprise solutions to Insurance and Banking sectors. We help our clients improve visibility and gain control of their business processes, while reducing operating costs.

We have a huge array of Insurance software solutions that help streamline and optimize core business units including new business, underwriting, policy servicing and claims. Our Banking software solutions cater to both Corporate and Retail Banking in core departments such as account opening, loan origination and customer query management. These solutions effectively automate financial institutions in carrying out front and back office processing.

Our clients know us for offering our range of products and services, which include:

AWPL Range Of Products

Our clients also know that as part of our “AWPL Beyond” initiative our offering also includes:

AWPL Beyond

We Think & Put Digital First

Group of People and Social Media Concept

In this era of Digital Transformation, entrepreneurs are looking for more agility in their business to respond to changing market dynamics. Enhanced customer experience, better process transparency and faster delivery of products and services, is all what is required for a business to succeed. AWPL focuses on “Digital First” driven growth for all our customers because we want you to invest in a technology that can drive differentiation. We believe in bridging digital and legacy to help customer’s backend cope with new demands when digital initiatives crop up.

Our passionate team of solution specialists strive every second, minute and hour to deliver top-notch technology for smarter enterprises. This helps increase our clients’ responsiveness to help their customers provide better service.

We Enhance Your Customer Experience

We say so because we focus on automating and equipping your businesses in a way that you can cater to your customers with the help of “The Best in Business.” We truly value customer experience and this is undoubtedly, the reflection of AWPL being a global brand.

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