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The customer is one of the preeminent banking groups in Dubai that has been delivering enhanced value across corporate, retail, Islamic, private and invetsment banking. With over 50 years of experience in the market, the bank has a good historical and financial foundation.
The bank was using Finacle, as it core banking application in the retail space. It was dealing with a paper-intensive business, where a vast array of documents were coming in and going out on a daily basis. The processes like Account Opening were handled manually, which became a major challenge for the customer.


  • The Account Opening process which was paper intensive had become a strenuous job for the staff.
  • Customers, who opened new accounts, were receiving their account number in five days.
  • Due to paper-intensive environment, internal costs were very high.
  • There were no facilities to track the AO process or bottlenecks.
  • There was no option to have drill down report view of operational data.


  • The customer wanted a solution where the Account Origination process for on-boarding customers could be made a hassle free, automated procedure.
  • A solution that could facilitate in decreasing their internal costs and provide a competitive advantage over other banks.
  • The customer was looking for a solution that could craft a user-friendly, highly configurable platform to bring control and governance without complexity.


AWPL provided an enterprise wide Business Process Automation solution in conjugation with other applications, which helped the organization to significantly reduce the costs and increase the efficiency.


The customer wanted to have a solution that could transform the organization and alter the way work was done. AWPL’s solution not only facilitated them in arming their users with pre-determined information, but also in providing high levels of control to senior managers.
The aim of the project was to design and implement the Account Origination process for on-boarding new customers.
The objective was also to use this process as a test bed and ramp ENBD’s capability to design BPM Process in other business areas, while doing so setup a self-sufficient and robust BPM Program.


  • The user interface became friendly and more adaptable.
  • Our full-fledged BPM solution helped the customer to create a competitive advantage by improving their organizational agility and also decreased the time-to-market for their products and services.
  • The solution brought in more revenue and growth, as well as increased speed and efficiency.
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