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The customer is a leading integrated financial services group in South Africa, which has been in the global market for more than 150 years now. It follows a strategic partnership with a known brand that facilitates it to connect to the African market and to the pool of capital, globally.

The customer has been using VB 6 as a solution to deal with its day-to-day transactions, which is coupled to a core trading solution, Bank Trade.


  • The existing solution in the company was a thick client, Visual Basic 6, which was used for day-to-day transactions. Although the thick client was able to connect to a network and a server, it had performance issues.
  • VB 6 did not support the features of a document management system, due to which keeping a track of the documents in an efficient manner, was a challenge.
  • The existing solution did not provide the flexibility of a BPM and ECM solution.
  • The bank was using Bridge as an integration layer, which was not a full-fledged ESB and there was no standard way to communicate with it.


  • The customer wanted to upgrade the work flow system and the core trade solution, for better performance and more interactive work environment.
  • A web-based client was required as a solution, which had faster syncing capability and could make the process hassle free.
  • A solution was required that could provide the flexibility of both BPM and ECM, so that diarizing the transactions could be made easier, especially while waiting for a response from a customer or an external application like Eximbills Enterprise, China Systems.
  • They wanted a quick-fix that could report to the South African Reserve Bank and make the process smoother.
  • The client also wanted to move from a centralized system to a distributed system, so as to isolate failures to a particular application. Hence, they were looking for a solution that could communicate with the Bridge, using MQ (Message broker).
  • While they wanted to upgrade to FileNet, they also wanted a User Interface that could resemble the old one, to make it easier for the staff to use.


AWPL provided a customized scanning solution, called Dotsphere Capture that could deal with multiple problems at the same time, so that customer could gain efficiency advantages.


  • AWPL provided a production level document capture system, Dotsphere Capture, which was customized as per the customer requirement. The solution offered various features like,
  1. Scanning and image clean up
  2. Quality checking
  3. Indexing and Index verification
  4. Release to a production imaging system
  • The solution was equipped with additional modules like OCR, ICR, Format conversion, work distribution, load balancing and branch scanning, which facilitated multi-branch document access and management.
  • AWPL built a customized solution to work on top of FileNet. Another layer was created called IBOT, which was used primarily to transform any message to a format that the Bridge could easily process. AWPL also implemented MQ as a part of the workflow solution, which not just communicated with the IBOT, but also within the solution.
  • FileNet provided the flexibility of ECM and BPM, which helped the end-users to allocate the work and manage the electronic content.
  • Dotsphere Capture, being a web-based client, made the process easier and faster while syncing. It was able to identify the barcode, which was saved as metadata and could link it with an existing transaction, within no time.
  • AWPL’s extensive workflow solution reported to SARB (South African Reserve Bank) that made the advance payment an automated process for the customer, which was otherwise done manually.


  • The successful upgrade from VB 6 to FileNet workflow solution was very efficient, which helped customer to save significant costs.
  • The new user interface was easy to use and more adaptable.
  • A flexible mechanism was provided by Dotsphere Capture to automate the diarizing.
  • Advance payment process was carried out manually at customer’s site and after upgrading the old system, Dotsphere Capture made this procedure very hassle free, as it reported to the SARB directly.
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