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The customer is the largest universal bank and financial services group in South Africa, which has been in the global market for more than 150 years now. It follows a strategic partnership with a known brand that facilitates it to connect to the African market and to the pool of capital, globally.

The company had an ITS workflow solution in place, which was built on Ovaflow technology.


  • The corporate and investment banking group within the company wanted to replace their incumbent ITS Workflow solution, which was built on Ovaflow technology.
  • The company wanted a solution that could facilitate the different departments to communicate in a better way, by simplifying the channels through which the entities communicate.


  • The corporate and investment Banking (CIB) division of the company is organized into two business units. Transaction Products and Services (TPS) and International Trade Services (ITS) is a sub-business unit within TPS.
  • Operations within ITS is organized into front offices across main cities in South Africa and two hubs located in Johannesburg. ITS is further divided into two groups – Payments and Trade.
  • The client was looking for a solution which could be proposed for their payment requirements.
  • The company also wanted the solution to support trade system, so that the requirements could be met using the same functionality with minor corrections.
  • The client also wanted to move from a centralized system to a distributed system, so as to isolate failures to a particular application. Hence, they were looking for a solution that could communicate with the Bridge, using MQ (Message broker).


AWPL provided FileNet P8 and AWPL Dotsphere Capture as the platform to deliver the new ITS Workflow solution.


AWPL built a customized solution that was able to support diverse integration requirements of the customer. While the primary need was to cover the ITAPS workflow, the solution was designed in a way that it could provide more scalability and expandability.

AWPL provided a design, which had three levels of application, so as to satisfy the business requirements. First, the core functionality provided by IBM and AWPL from the BPM & ECM capability, second the user interface layer and third, the integration layer that could talk to various other systems.

Following are the different payments systems that were delivered using the solution:

  • Outward telegraphic transfers
  • Inward telegraphic transfers
  • Advance Payments
  • Travellers  Cheques
  • Doc Carrier

AWPL built a customized solution to work on top of FileNet. Another layer was created called IBOT, which was used primarily to transform any message to a format that the Bridge could easily process. AWPL also implemented MQ as a part of the workflow solution, which not just communicated with the IBOT, but also within the solution.


  • AWPL successfully replaced the ITS Workflow – Ovaflow with IBM BPM and AWPL Dotsphere Capture. Through this solution, the company was able to achieve a seamless payment workflow system with separation of Content Model.
  • The solution also enabled separation of geographies into different P8 sites.
  • It became easy for the client to differentiate among business units and geographies with the model that was designed by AWPL.
  • The base framework was designed in a manner that the reusable functions could be created easily, which would be common for many business units and geographies.
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