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The customer is one of the leading Africa-focused banks, located in Zambia that offers personal banking, internet & business banking services and other financial products. They were following a manual process to take care of the daily transactions, especially for procedures like account opening.


  • Bank was dealing with great difficulty in managing the physical records, since a long time, which had stemmed unnecessary hassles.
  • Amending the physical records of the customers had become a compliance/statuary challenge.
  • Working in synchronization with the core banking system, BankMaster was a challenging job.
  • Bank wanted the Account Opening & KYC process to be agile and visible, so that they could reduce the Turn-Around-Time and also save costs.


  • Bank was looking for a solution that could craft a user-friendly, simple-to-use and highly configurable platform to bring control and governance without complexity.
  • The idea was to make Account Opening process agile, visibile and transparent, whlist reducing time and cost to serve the customers.
  • An automated solution was required that could integrate with various kinds of back-end systems to have a comprehensive view for the business users.
  • Bank was also looking forward to future expansion capability so as to work with a fully blown Business Process Management and Case Management Solutions.


AWPL implemented a customized Document Management System and a scanning solution for the customer in less than a month.

AWPL offered them:

  • AWPL’s Dotsphere Case Manager as the “Single View” User Experience.
  • AWPL’s DotSphere Capture, Physical and Electronic Document Capture (for old and new records), Fingerprint Capture, Signature Capture, Biometry, Photograph, Sales Tablet as various inputs for On-boarding a new customer.
  • AWPL’s Dotsphere Casepedia, as the single Document Management repository for Stanbic Zambia (for both old and new records).
  • SMS Gateway
  • Ability for Customer on-boarding through multiple channels such as physical submission at branches, through website, Mobiles and Tablets
  • Quick Incorporation of Business rules as well as Compliance rules such as FATCA; which help in AML and Risk Management checks

By implementing a full-fledged solution with Single User Experience and by integrating with its existing BankMaster/Branch Power and AWPL’s Account Opening & KYC solution encompassing Biometry, Signature Capture, Photograph, Physical and Electronic Document Capture, Reports and Sales Tablet functionalities, AWPL improved the service level in opening an account and provide a “welcome-kit” before the customer leaves the branch.


  • The solution helped the customer to provide a single user experience to all the front and back office staff to manage various business process functions (such as Account Opening & KYC and Loan Origination) integrating with various existing (Bank Master/Branch Power, AWPL Document Management solution) and future solutions (Finacle, R-System) such that the staff members could have a single view of the customers without having the need to login to multiple systems for doing the work.
  • The Account opening process was now more agile, transparent and standardized, which not only helped in reducing time and cost, but also helped the bank to gain a competitive advantage in Zambia market.
  • High degree of flexibility to incorporate changes quickly into the process as per the changing business or regulatory needs
  • A highly responsive mechanism was provided by AWPL’s Dotsphere Suite which made the processes nimble, agile, flexible and efficient to take on the competition through innovation.
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