Welcome to AWPL

AWPL is a specialist organization providing business process automation and optimization solutions to the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Sectors. Established in the year 1996 with a mission to transform the way of work, we are market leaders and progressive thinkers providing lucrative software solutions such as smart process applications, enterprise case management software, insurance software and banking software.


Enterprise Solutions for Insurance and Banking – AWPL has rich experience of over 17 years in business process management, document management, case management solutions, data migration and business intelligence. These solutions cater to the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services sectors. Our insurance software solutions streamline and optimize core business units such as new business, underwriting, policy servicing, claims etc. Our banking software solutions have effectively automated financial organizations and banks in carrying out front and back office processing. Our banking solutions cater to both Corporate and Retail banking to core departments such as account opening, loan origination, customer query management etc.


AWPL is a market leader in providing case management software, cloud banking software and cloud insurance software. We have extremely passionate people working in the development and support teams to deliver enhanced technology through smart process applications for smarter enterprises.